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2008 WHPSC Monday Racing Pictures and Results

Monday Morning Qualification Runs

Warren moves the hay bales into position on the bridge. Yeah, it's still dark! 
We did have a full moon, and it was very pretty with the mountains and desert scene.  
Morning comes quickly! 
Racers get ready to do their qualification runs on SR 305. These runs start at the 2 mile mark, so racers have 2 miles to get up to speed. Their times for qualifying will be used to give them positions at the nightly SR 305 record runs.

Front is Warren Beauchamp's Cuda-W. Behind that is Richard Myers warming up in the Gee Bee Moby Blue. Behind that, Larry Lem's tandem 'liner is still in the truck.
Raymond Gage watches his new rider warm up.  
 This is Matt Scott's new 'liner which keeps changing names. I think he is currently calling it "The Bitch", because of some issues he is having with it. Matt did not get a good start during qualifying, so he won't be racing tonight.
 Here's the electronics pod in Raymond's camera trike. Two camera systems, GPS, coffee maker...
The road is closed! Riders start to bring their bikes onto the course. The course was closed 3 times for 20 minutes each, and 5 bikes were run each time.
Mr. Fast Freddy Markhad is ready to be taped into his shiny "Easy Racers" Varna Mephisto.
Ellen Van Vugt is ready to make a run in her Varna clone. 
Raymond's rider gets into the Orion speedtrike. The Orion team had some brake problems today, which caused him to zoom by the catch crew at about 20 MPH. They will not be allowed to race on SR 305 until they can prove that the brakes work.
Cal Poly racer Aaron Williams steels himself for the qualifying run.
 Richard Myers is ready to run!
James Schroeder in the Specter trike is caught at the catch area. The specter trike uses an eliptical drive.
2 mile run-up qualification runs
Rider Vehicle MPH
Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo IV 53.48
Hans Wessels Speedhawk- No canopy 53.20
Warren Beauchamp Cuda-W 52.51
LarryLem/Tom Amick Goliath II Tandem 51.13
Fred Markham Varna Mephisto 59.48
Ellen Van Vugt Varnowski 49.52
Chuck Royalty Orion Trike 52.80
Aaron Williams Athena 47.12
Sam Whittingham Diablo III 62.43
James Schroeder Specter Trike 44.00
Chuck Royalty Orion Trike 53.55
Tanya Markham Varna Mephisto 44.82
Chuck Royalty Orion Trike 52.80

Monday Night speed runs

Picture by Bill Gaines
Warren Beauchamp cruises through the traps at 57.76 MPH in the Cuda-W.
Ellen Van Vugt in the Varnowski speedbike finishes with a 57.70 MPH 200 meter speed.
Picture by Bill Gaines

Picture by Bill Gaines
Fred Markham posts a 70.02 MPH speed on his first run.

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