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2008 WHPSC Thursday Racing Pictures and Results

Morning Speed Runs
Tanya Markham warms up for her morning run on her custom pink Easy Racers Gold Rush. 
The Easy Racer team's secret weapon? Oxygen! Fred prepares to fill Tanya's fairing full of oxygen before her run. 
Matt Scott gets taped into his Varna clone.  
Matt Scott gets a good launch by Steve Nash, and is on his way his first 5 mile run at 49.00 MPH 
Mike Mowett prepares the tape while Tanya steels herself for her morning run. Tanya broke into the 60 MPH club at 60.19 MPH. 
Evening Speed Runs
Dave Larrington performs his course sweep duty of the 5 mile course in his rental Corvette. This of course takes him less than 2 minutes. 
Sam Whittingham makes his record run, at 82.33 MPH, this after he had made an 80 MPH run in the morning, and gone for a bike ride inbetween.
Fred Markham turns in a solid 74.71 MPH run in the Varna Mephisto. 
Hans Wessels finally gets his windless run, and makes an amazing 73.50 MPH run in the Speedhawk. 
Chuck Royalty in the Orion speedtrike, hits the traps at 58.77 MPH
Ellen Van Vugt, battling a cold, still manages to go 65.36 MPH. 
Georgi Georgiev and Sam Whittingham are ecstatic after Sams 82.33 MPH record run.  
Battle Mountain 2008 pictures by Bill Gaines
Riders gather for a ride between the morning and evening SR 305 runs.
Matt Scott's Varna clone. 
Tom Amick works on the drivetrain to prevent derailment during high speed runs. Both Tom and Larry had a bit of this problem during runs. 
Here's a picture of Matt Scott's Varna drivetrain. 
Matt Scott's Varna clone again. 
Sam Bennett brought a car load of very nicely made wooden framed bikes.  He calls them Buckboard recumbents.

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