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2008 WHPSC Tuesday Racing Pictures and Results
Pictures and Words by Warren Beauchamp

NDOT closes SR 305, and the the first group lines up and prepares for launch.
 Sam Whittingham in the Varna Diablo III. Sam didn't get an official IHPVA time tonight because of some timing system malfunction, but Garrie's timing system worked, and showed that Sam went 70 MPH.
 Fred Markham in the Varna Mephisto. Fred was fast man of the night at 72.04 MPH.
 Ellen Van Vugt in the Varnowski. Ellen went 62.92 MPH tonight, but backed off because of wind gusts.
Chuck Royalty goes 66.08 in his first full run in the Orion Speedtrike!
 Aaron Williams goes 54.16 MPH in the Cal Poly SLO Athena.
Temps were good, but winds were gusty tonight, and many riders held back because they were getting blown around.

So I do my first run yesterday and realize that I am grossly under-geared. You'd think I would be prepared to go fast... but no! Monday's 57MPH run was at a very high cadence and I coasted for about half of the run. I had tried earlier in the day to install Thom's 90T chainring, but it was too big, and it overlapped with my wheel.

I was resigned to just go slow this year, until at dinner last night Georgi said, "we will fix it". Today after looking at it for a while, Georgi pulled out an 11T cog to replace the 13T cog on the Rohloff. After looking at it for a while more, we determined that he would have to braze it to the existing cog, and that I did have room for him to do that. Georgi and Steve Nash spent a couple hours with me at the Battle Mountain machine shop, and hey! Now I have more gearing! The gear calculator now says 65 MPH at 100 RPM, perfect! Oh, 72MPH at 110 RPM! Can I do it??? Not tonight. With the winds gusts I went 61.8 MPH.


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