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2008 WHPSC Wednesday Racing Pictures and Results

Wednesday Morning
The Henry team prepares their machines for qualification runs on the 2 mile SR 305 course. The Red bike is Jay's and the black trike is Barclay's.  
Barclay's "Black Trike", is a head first, lay on your back and look at the road in a mirror trike. Here is the drivetrain in the back of the trike. 
James' father, Don Schroder does a qualification run in the Specter trike. 
Barclay Henry does a qualification run in the "Black Trike". 
Kim Schallenberger does a qualification run in the Athena trike. She had to use a bunch of foam to size the bike right, and had a couple crashes. We are all hoping to see her get some good runs in this week!
Matt Scott in "The Bitch" Varna clone gets a good launch for his qualification run. I sat shotgun on his chase vehicle and he was having some problems seeing the road so he was weaving around a bit. He got a good qualification run in though, so we will see him on the 5 mile course soon. 
 Jay Henry takes a qualifier run in the "FlyingJay" bike.
Ron Layman gets in a good qualifying run in the Primal 1. George Leone and crew built this entire bike and fairing in 45 days(!).
 Next were the morning speed runs on the SR305 five mile course. Some racers decided to run in the morning in hopes of lower winds. These are official WHPSC speed runs.

Here, Rich Myers enjoys a little shade, while chatting and waiting for the road to be closed.

Ellen relaxed during speedbike support duty. Hans decided to do a morning run as he stopped pedaling 2 miles from the speed traps due to wind issues. 
 Barclay Henry has to climb into a hole in the bottom of the bike, which is sealed after he gets in, then the trike is tilted upright.
Hans Wessels in the Speedhawk went 66.70 MPH during his morning run, but winds were a bit over legal. 
 Barclay Henry ran through the traps at 55.36 MPH, a very good first run.
Matt Scott takes a frustrating tumble on launch and has to scrap his run. 
At age 72, Rich Myers takes his fastest run yet, at 47.25 MPH.
Rich Myers passes mile marker 4 (4 miles to go), in his Moby 'liner. 
Wednesday Night was a bit windy, though the winds were pretty steady rather than gusty like Tuesday night. Only the first group of riders ran, the second group decided it was too windy for them. None of the runs had legal wind.

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