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In September of 2009 cyclists from around the world will gather on SR305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada for the 10th consecutive year to race on one of the straightest, flattest, and smoothest surfaces in the world. The 4,619ft (1,408m) altitude road allows riders an acceleration zone of over 4 miles, enabling them to reach their maximum velocity before being timed over a 200 meter distance. The section of the road that we use will be newly refinished this year, with a smooth surface specially prepared for this event by the Nevada Department of Transportation.
WHPSC 2009 is sponsored by HyDrive

Current WHPSC Records:
In 2008, Sam Whittingham broke the world speed record once again at a human powered speed of 82.33 MPH!
In 2005, Lisa Vetterlein set a new Women's world speed record, with a speed of 66.58 MPH.

In 2007, Damjan Zabovnik broke the European speed record by going 74.96 MPH facing backwards!

The WHPSC is the setting for the record of "World's Fastest Human propelled by their own power", and all records set are sanctioned by the IHPVA.

Pre-Event Coordinators / Race Directors: Al and Alice Krause:  Email or (707) 443-8261 (10:00AM to 10:10PM PST)

Previous WHPSC events
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2000 Worlds fastest bicycle competition

Beginning of the 200 meter traps on Nevada SR 305

More Information
Battle Mountain Event Scheduling, Rules, and racing info - open to all!
Site Information - road elevation and slope data
Spectators and especially volunteers are welcome to attend. 
More Information about Battle Mountain, Nevada

Do you want to race at Battle Mountain? Though runs on the SR 305 are prioritized for recognized speed champions, anybody with a fast bike can try out for the event. 


Please visit the WHPSC web forum for discussion and answers to any questions.

Battle Mountain 2009 Poster by C. Michael Lewis

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