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Racers planning to attend the 2014 WHPSC 

Vehicle Name Built Designer/Builder Rider(s) Personal Best Speed Rider Nationality Class
Velox 4 new bike Human Power
Team Delft
Rik Houwers Aldenhoven track (2014)
100.3 kph, 62.3 mph
Netherlands male/single rider
Christien Veelenturf at RDW track (2014)
90+ kph, 56+ mph
Netherlands female/single rider
Eta new bike AeroVelo,
University of Toronto
Todd Reichert Bluenose (2013)
125.02 kph, 77.68 mph
Canada male/single rider
Trefor Evans  Bluenose (2013)
123.67 kph, 76.84 mph
Canada male/single rider
Calvin Moes Bluenose (2013)
123.12 kph, 76.50 mph
Canada male/single rider
Cameron Robertson ? Bluenose (2013)
113.82 kph, 70.72 mph 
Canada male/single rider
Marc Jutras ? Bluenose (2013)
109.86 kph, 68.26 mph
Canada male/single rider
Alex Selwa ? Vortex (2013)
105.71 kph, 65.69 mph
Canada male/single rider
Cygnus Omega new bike Team Cygnus Jan Marcel van Dijken from video/timing glitch
127.8 kph, 79.43 mph
Netherlands male/single rider
Thomas van Schaik Cygnus Beta (2012)
121.96 kph, 75.78 mph
Netherlands male/single rider
Sjaak Bloemberg ?? Netherlands male/single rider
Eivie 4 2013 Damjan Zabovnik Damjan Zabovnik former Europe record
124.16 kph, 77.15 mph
Slovenia male/single rider
Varna Battle Mountain or Varna Tempest 2011 or 2009 Georgi Georgiev (Canada) Barbara Buatois Female World Record
121.81 kph, 75.69 mph
non wind legal best
122.95 kph, 76.40 mph 
France female/single rider
Velox S2 2012 Team Elan Ellen van Vugt Velox S1 (2012)
113.08 kph, 70.27 mph
Netherlands female/single rider
All Overzealous  new trike Tri-Sled (Gareth Hanks) Gareth Hanks Trike World Record
115.53 kph, 71.79 mph
Australia male/single rider/multitrack
Completely Overzealous  2012 Tri-Sled (Gareth Hanks) Greg Thomas 2-wheel Varna Mephisto
116.71 kph, 72.75 mph 
USA male/single rider/multitrack
Peter Borenstadt ?? USA male/single rider/multitrack
Bowstring 2 new bike Veniamin Ulyanovskiy Vadim Dunayev ?? Russia male/single rider
Alexey Kiristayev ?? Russia male/single rider
Beluga 2007 Larry Lem Teagan Patterson ?? USA  female/single rider
Adam's Folly new bike Adam Ince Adam Ince ?? USA male/single rider
Slippery Slug  new trike Alan Grace Alan Grace ?? England arm powered, male/single rider/multitrack

See the Rules for determination of pre-qualified racers

Additional Racer info:
Qualifier events will be run on an alternate course to allow new racers to compete for the right to run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and if they are among the fastest qualifiers, they will be able to race on SR 305. 

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