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Mowett BM 2015 rider list
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Racers planning to attend the 2015 WHPSC 

Vehicle Name Year Built Designer/Builder Rider(s) Personal Best Speed Rider Nationality Class
Velox S2 2012 Wielemaker/van Vugt/Hill Florian Kowalik, Mike Mowett Kowalik: 55.12, Mowett: 59 USA Junior Mens, Mens
 CO2 2014 Ben Goodall Ellen van Vugt,
Mike Mowett.
Florian Kowalik
Jun Nogami
Micro-Moby 1998 Garrie Hill, Ray Brick, Fran Kowalik Genevieve Kowalik, Cecilia Kowalik   USA Junior Women
Firefly 3 2015 Team Schroeder, S&S Solutions llc, J. Morgan James Schroeder 65 MPH USA Mens Multitrack
 PulsaR 2015 Team Policumbent Andrea Gallo   Italy Mens
ARION1 2015 University of Liverpool Ken Buckley, Natasha Morrison, Dave Collins   Great Britain Mens & Womens
Beagle 2015 Larry Lem Larry Lem, Tom Amick 71.61 mph, 73.08 mph USA Mens
Cygnus Chronos 2014/2015 Team Cygnus Jan-Marcel van Dijken 79 mph Netherlands Mens
Eta 2014/2015 Team Aerovelo Todd Reichert   Canada Mens
Eta Prime 2015 Aerovelo, HPVDT Calvin Moes   Canada Mens
Eivie 4.2 2015 Gregor Veble /
Damjan Zabovnik
Damjan Zabovnik 79.98 mph Slovenia Mens

See the Rules for determination of pre-qualified racers

Additional Racer info:
Qualifier events will be run on an alternate course to allow new racers to compete for the right to run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and if they are among the fastest qualifiers, they will be able to race on SR 305. 

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