Rick Wianecki's velomobile project
Velomobile 6

A project by Rick Wianecki

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Today I got up early to do some cleaning up from all the sanding. Hopefully I will be able to get the vehicle together tomorrow and take it for it's test ride. I also painted the hinges for the top so they will be ready to install.

Now it is time to drink Beer and eat Bratwurst

So today I got back to doing some things on the velomobile body. I attached the hinges on the top and opened it it about 95 degrees open.
I then measured for the location of some mounting plates for a cable stop for the top. I will use some aircraft cable to hold the top open at about 95 degrees. I have not figured out a high tech way to keep the top from blowing shut. so I will use the low tech way like a prop.
Here is one of the bonded in mounting plate.
While I was bonding in the mounting plates I used some flox to feather the sided of the aluminum plates. I used the extra flox to fill in several sections on the shell where I sanded through to the foam
So I was finally was able to get all the parts assembled and take the vehicle out for it's first test ride with the body and the frame.
First I removed the wheels from from the frame and disconnected the tie-rod ends. I used a bungee to hold everything together. I also replaced the u-joint steering.
Here the frame is mounted to the lower section of the body.
Once everything was aligned and tightened I took it for it's first test ride.
That ride was good it reveled some rubbing of the rear tire when i was making turns. I used a saw and opened up the rear tire slot. I then added the top on.
I took the velomobile out for a second test ride. Except for needing to install something to secure the top from bouncing. I was pleased with the way everything worked.
I will add some weather stripping between the top and the tub and also add a velcro strap to keep the top from bouncing.
Here I am sitting in the vehicle with the top open.
Here I am closing the top.

Still a lot of little details to take care of.

It is a great feeling to have it all together and running on both human and electrical power. One thing I discovered is the mounting for body on the frame needs to be improved. Under hard cornering the rear tire rubs on the bottom of the shell. Also I need to change the way the front is mounted to improve the stiffness at the front wheel wells.
Next I will be looking at some additional body mounts as well as all the other little things that still need to be figured out, but I think I can see the light.

Right now the vehicle weighs in at 90 pounds and that includes almost 15 pounds for the electric motor, battery and additional gears and chain.

Today I decided to change the front body mount to see if I could decrease the flexing of the body.
The original front mount went from the bottom bracket to the nose of the vehicle and allowed the body to rock side to side on the frame.
I started the new mount by cutting some chromoly tubing with my bandsaw.
Once the tubing was cut I mitered the ends of the tubing with a hole saw with my tube miterer.
After I had all the tubing cut and mitered I did some test fitting before I braze the tubes together.
Next step once all the pieces were brazed together was to test fit the new mount assembly and mark the location where the screw post would be bonded to the tub.
I then bonded the screw posts to the lower tub section with some fiberglass and epoxy.

Tomorrow after the fiberglass hardens I will take a test ride to see if this mount fixes the body mounting issues. If not I will add some additional mounting to the rear of the frame and body.

So far it looks like the new front mount is preventing the body from rubbing on the rear tire. I will need to do some more testing and some more extreme cornering to be sure.

I added a petg wind screen and one mirror to the vehicle.

I still need to make a latch for the top, add some turn signals and lights and start thinking of a color scheme to paint the velomobile. As for now more on the road testing!! YAH


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