Melchior Poppe - 6 Hour TT Record
This WRRA record certifies that on 7/12/2015, Melchior Poppe set a new Adult Male World Recumbent Racing Association record in the Non Faired class by riding 227,61 km in 6:00:00 (hours:minutes:seconds.subseconds) at an average speed of 23.572 MPH (37.935 KPH). This record was accomplished while riding a Velomo Hi-Fly recumbent bicycle during the 227,61 km event at the DEKRA Test Oval.

The accuracy and validity of this record has been scrutinized and approved by the members of the World Recumbent Racing Association, and by the sponsoring racing association.

Mike Mowett - WRRA Commissioner
Dave Larrington - WRRA Committee Member
Larry Oslund - WRRA Committee Member

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