Recumbent Cycle Convention 2014

Recumbent Cycle Convention 2014

10/2014 - Warren Beauchamp

Here are a few pictures from Recumbent Cycle Con 2014. The HPRA / in St. Charles, IL had a booth at this event to promote recumbent bike racing. The event was 3 day long and we were there for all three days. Friday was just for manufacturers and dealers. If we do this again probably we do not need to be there on Friday. Maybe just to set up. Saturday was amazingly busy, and then Sunday was much quieter. Dora made up cards and a calendar of events page that we passed out to people. Most people had not considered racing before talking to us. It seemed like some would come to race. We will see next year! Thanks to Chris and Dora Cortez, Dave and Andrea Johnson, Bruce Gordon, and Jason for helping out with the booth!

At the event were many recumbent Trike manufacturers, a few bike manufacturers, two local recumbent bike dealers (Amlings and  the Bike Rack) and some recumbent related parts suppliers. The RANS booth was a bit disappointing as they only had one recumbent bike. FSA and Light and Motion both had booths with interesting products. Light and Motion gave me some of their products to test for an upcoming review. I gave a recumbent racing history seminar on Sunday, which was lightly attended. Here are my notes

Photo by Jason Stoller
Warren Beauchamp and Bruce Gordon man the booth on Friday morning.
On Saturday Dave and Andrea Johnson came to help and the booth was expanded.
Photo by Jason Stoller

Photo by Jason Stoller
Warren takes his tilting trike out for a ride on the demo course. We were thinking about setting up a small sprint race but the track was too small.
One of the booth workers tries out the Cuda-W for size.
Photo by Jason Stoller
Bacchetta's Mark Colliton and Jeff from Wheel & Sprocket man the Bacchetta boooth.
Here's an interesting new bike from Sun, who are now calling themselves "Sun Seeker". It's a fully suspended shaft driven internally geared recumbent. This should be a maintenance free bike - good for rainy weather commuters.
Here's Greenspeed's Ian Simms (center), with their latest Aussie Pedal Prix racing trike. Greenspeed also has a new trike model, similar to the SLR.
Here's Tim Brummer of Lightning Cycles. Lightning showed several of their SWB bikes.
Here's the ICE Monster trike. This trike is very similar to the one that Maria Leijerstam rode to the South Pole last year.
This trike was very popular, there was always somebody taking it for a test drive. This trike is over $7000 as shown!
Here's the view from the booth. Someone is trying out Christine, Bruce's trike. Yes, that guy has his hair in his pocket.
I tried out the Catrike 700.
Here's the Catrike booth.
Here's a cool FSA Metropolis 1.6X internally geared overdrive unit that retails for about $300. It has an optional adaptor ring that allows you to use standard MTB chainrings with it. I need one of these for my commuter bike.
Here's the booth on Friday. On Saturday Dave and Andrea showed up and brought more bikes and their quilts made from bike jerseys and we made the booth bigger.
Here's the ICE VTX. This is my favorite trike from the show. It handles great and it actually fits me.

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