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2003 WHPSC Friday Pictures and Racing Results
Pictures and textual information by Jeff Hunn.      

           Racing Results

airport.b2b.tandem_sm.1.jpg (11253 bytes) Eric and Jinny Peterson showed up from Boise, Idaho Thursday with their newly-completed steel-frame back-to-back tandem, complete with electrical-conduit top bracing. They did some "field testing" in the drag and road races at the airport today. When the bugs are worked out, Eric intends to build an aluminum-framed version, with the eventual goal of adding a fairing and perhaps bringing it back to Battle Mountain next year!
Jeff Hunn takes some warmup laps on the airport tarmac with Rob Wood's Barcroft Oregon lowracer Friday. The FWD Oregon normally sports a 20" rear wheel to match the 20" front, but Rob replaced it with a 16" in order to get even more seat recline. airport.Jeff_sm.jpg (5062 bytes)
airport.Joe.&.Coyote_sm.jpg (8968 bytes) Joe Kochanowski waits on his homebuilt FWD racer beside Dean Pederson in the Rotator Coyote. Don't let Joe's position fool you--he normally is almost fully reclined when he rides (you can just see his neck rest at the end of his padded seat).
Justin Mace, crew for Jeff Bales, rides his LWB dual-suspension bike at the airport Friday. Justin let several people try the bike, but most had trouble with the 205mm crank arms... airport.Justin_sm.jpg (7001 bytes)
airport.LWB.lowracer_sm.jpg (9246 bytes) Rob Hitchcock gets ready to ride another Gardner Martin creation, a LWB lowracer.
Matjaz Leskovar finally gets to ride in a more normal position, on a Tour Easy provided by Gardner Martin (red hat), as Charlie Ollinger looks on. As you might have guessed, Matjaz was quite fast! airport.Matjaz_sm.jpg (11232 bytes)
airport.pimp.ride_sm.jpg (11649 bytes) Bill Patterson's FWD dual-suspension Pimp Ride. Bill can ride it no-handed; most of the rest of us who tried it during the week came away battered and beaten by it.
Chris Bechtel's Time Machine sits at the airport Friday, appearing to be receiving fuel... airport.Time.Machine_sm.jpg (7645 bytes)
airport.UNev.bike_sm.jpg (10432 bytes) Jason Ericson (yellow shirt), Jonathan Banks (no hat), and and unknown person check out the Three-Legged Monkey, the University of Nevada--Reno's entry for the airport races Friday. Jason rode the bike to a victory in the volunteers' 5-lap race.
Justin Mace (left) and Bill Patterson are the first two competitors in the 1/4-mile drag race Friday. Bill thought he had the race won so put his hands in the air in a "victory salute" at the finish and Justin came from behind to tie. The other racers voted that the way to break the tie was to run again, so they did. They almost tied a second time! drag.Justin.Bill.lineup_sm.jpg (9365 bytes)
Matt Weaver (left, upright) and Matjaz Leskovar prepare for their drag race.


Mike Mowett (left) lines up against the Petersons' back-to-back tandem for the drag race. 


Walt Tibbitts flashes the peace sign as he waits on his Bachetta highracer for his turn in the drag race.
Mike Mowett says: "Gardner Martin made a public request for clipin shoes that would fit Matjaz Leskovar. The Slovenian powerhouse went on, on a borrowed Tour Easy, with the borrowed shoes to nearly break the ¼ mile men’s single rider record of 26.96 seconds held by the fully faired Concept Z and Kirk Edwards of UC Berkeley set in 1992. Matjaz’s time was 27+ seconds after running 29 seconds against Matt Weaver. Suffice it to say that he could have easily broken the world’s record. Mike Mowett tried, but was no match for Matjaz in the final round. Joe Kochanowski joked that he slowed down at the finish to save himself for that night’s HWY 305 racing where he did 63.6 mph! Tom on an upright from Cal Poly also wanted a shot at Matjaz but lost to Mike in the semifinals. Mike Mowett rode Dave Kennedy’s, now living in Reno, 1980’s model Moulton fold-up bike with quick accelerating 17” wheels."
Matjaz Leskovar (right) does his best Babe Ruth imitation. He beat Mike Mowett (left).

Picture soon

Linda Barnett (left) and Gabe DeVault prepare for their drag race at the airport Friday. Linda is riding a homebuilt recumbent with rear suspension, built by her husband, and Gabe is riding a prototype Easy Racers trike.
Steve Delaire's Big Gun heads down the straightaway, passing Jeff Hunn on a Barcroft Oregon lowracer in the first 15-lap race at the airport Friday.
Racers lean it over coming around a corner in the first 15-lap race at the airport Friday. The Rotator Coyote was the only streamliner to finish the race; all the others succumbed to the pressures of centripetal force and left the course on corners, ending up in cinders and gravel.
Dean Pederson gets a good run of 54.347 mph in his Rotator Coyote Friday.
Joe Kochanowski improves his overall best to 63.676 mph in his Varna clone Friday.
Brian Romano passes Ranch Road 1 en route to a 49.561 mph run Friday, as Eivie team member Arne Hodalic records the pass.
Damjan Zabovnik winds up the Eivie streamliner Friday on his way to a 66.496 mph run.
The Varna Diablo blows right through (actually right past) a stop sign Friday as Sam Whittingham ups his week's top speed to 78.242 mph (although the wind was not legal).
Mackey Martin in the Virtual Rush approaches Ranch Road 1, which is at the 4-miles-to-go
point. Mackey has raised his speeds all week, but Friday the timing mechanism failed to notice his bike, so no speed was recorded.
Orin Macquarrie approaches Ranch Road 1 in his Varna clone highracer on his way to a 46.405 mph run.
Rob Wood winds up the Norus streamliner on his way to recording a personal-best 57.854 mph
run. Last night Rob fell over in the catch zone when it was so dark he couldn't see to put his landing gear down. A little bondo, some elbow grease, and some spray paint makes the Norus look good as new!
Fred Markham in the Varna Mephisto heads toward a run of 68.387 mph with non-legal winds.
Thom Ollinger rides the Coslinger Special to a 60.704 mph run Friday.
Friday Results

Matt is here but has not been ready to run yet, apparently. Shar Peterson says he has been working at her garage all week.

Rob Wood, Norus streamliner, 57.854 mph, 7.733 sec, legal wind
Dean Pederson, Rotator Coyote, 54.347 mph, 8.232 sec, legal wind
Brian Romano, Rotator Frankenstein, 49.561 mph, 9.027 sec, legal wind
Orin Macquarrie, Varna clone highracer, 46.405 mph, 9.641 sec, legal wind
Jeff Bales, Lunatic Fringe (no fairing), 33.537 mph, 13.34 sec, not legal
Charlie Ollinger, Ollinger Club Racer, 34.746 mph, 12.876 sec, not legal
Sam Whittingham, Varna Diablo, 78.242 mph, 5.718 sec, not legal
Fred Markham, Varna Mephisto, 68.387 mph, 6.542 sec, not legal
Damjan, Evie streamliner, 66.496 mph, 6.728 sec, legal wind
Thom Ollinger, Coslinger Special, 60.704 mph, 7.37 sec, legal wind
Joe Kochanowski, Varna clone, 63.676 mph, 7.026 sec, legal wind

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